Chris Pirrilo interview at Vloggerfair 2015


Chris Pirrilo interview at Vloggerfair 2015

Its always good to chat with founders of events like Vloggerfair. Chris Pirillo, founder of Vloggerfair, informed us about the event, what inspires him and the future of Vloggerfair.

Article Written by Eugene Capon, Art Director Press Play | CaponDesignTV and ComicShopTV

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YouTube Conventions

If you’re like us, then you probably attend conventions for your various passions. There are almost too many conventions for video games, movies, comic books and whatever you might be into. I’ve actually been on tour for my own channel and have had very few free weekends because of it, often skipping out on one convention or trade show for another.  But if you are a YouTube fanatic then your search is a little more refined. Here is a list of the top YouTube oriented conventions you should go to.


Who is this for? Vloggers in general

Though this convention is relatively new (3 years old as of 2015), it’s geared more toward youtubers with a personal vlog presence. Started by Chris Pirillo, also known as the face of the content network Lockergnome, Inc., the show is mostly made of local youtubers from the Seattle Area but don’t let that stop you from attending. Vloggerfair has also hosted many bigger youtubers including Ijustine, Shay Carl, ItsjudysLife and Tyler Oakly. The area happens to have a wide variety of talent that attend the event. Also, oddly enough Vloggerfair has an older brother called GnomeDex which was more technology oriented and may be making a return after this year (it was discontinued in 2011).


Who is this for? Fans of popular YouTube

If there is one destination every Youtuber should go, it’s Vidcon. It’s the mac daddy of all YouTube conventions and they know it. It was started in 2010 by Hank and John Green better known as the YouTube channel “VlogBrothers”, Vidcon had grown to host almost 20,000 people both professionals and fans alike. What makes this convention unlike the others on the list is the fact they offered a series of programs to help smaller youtubers connect with bigger ones in a mentorship program


Playlist Live

Who is this for? Youtubers who want to see creators or party down

Playlist Live is one part convention, one part concert. With two locations (Orlando, FL & Washington, DC) you now have options if you want to attend. These three days events were made to always have some sort of activity going on during convention hours with Friday being business day while Saturday and Sunday have more relaxed activities.


Buffer Fest

Who is this for? Film makers or fans of youtubers making films

While the other conventions on this list act more like a er… conventions, Buffer Fest is set up like a film festival. So if you’re watching YouTube videos that last 3 minutes long but want to end up like Joss Whedon directing the Avengers, you should attend. This event focuses on the longer form content from the same content producers that you would see at the other events but have decided to take a more serious approach. Buffer Fest offers two types of presentations during the three day event, Genre screenings and creator screening.  The next one will be in October in Toronto. (The Hollywood of Canada.)

Article Written by Eugene Capon, Art Director Press Play | CaponDesignTV and ComicShopTV