The Prank Video Line


The Prank Video Line

There are many ways to make videos that can get a lot of views. Some creative, some basic, some intelligent, but then there’s the prank video. Prank videos seem to be trending more than ever and while some can actually be funny, others are going too far. In fact there is a whole category of videos known as “pranks gone wrong”. While some pranksters are respectable, others just push the limits of what they can get away with. When pushing those limits, prankster can expose themselves to the public in harmful way. I’ve seen videos attempts go wrong where the lead of the videos gets punched, slapped, arrested, had gun points to their heads or even stabbed. Let me make this very clear, when you are making videos that can interact negatively with complete strangers, bad things can go wrong. There is no amount of subscribers or views that is worth risking your life. But if you are set on making prank videos still here are some general rules. Be impressive, be creative, and be original, don’t prank people you don’t know. It’s okay to do a prank in public, just as long as you aren’t specifically targeting a complete stranger. Don’t be the person who goes to a typical “harder” area and asks stupid questions that could intentionally be mistaken for asking a strangers to fight. There are better ways to prank someone and here are serval examples of video that fit all the criteria above.

Crazy Plastic Ball Prank!!

RomanAtwood is a prankster and family vlogger who filled his house with hundreds of thousands of balls in anticipation for his wife to come home.

Frozen Grand Central

Improv everywhere is known for primarily being a flash mob group. They often gather for large pranks like all dressing like mannequins at the gap or freezing at Grand Central station.

Belif (Fake Hover Board)

Funny or Die made a Prank video claiming the back to the future hover board was real and the internet went crazy. They called upon the help of celebrities like Moby, Christopher Lloyd and many more. It took about 3 days for the truth to come out and Funny or Die issued an apology for the stunt.

Article Written by Eugene Capon, Art Director Press Play | CaponDesignTV and ComicShopTV