Video Production
Great video production is the reason Press Play was started. Helping those get access to the tools needed to create great works of media. We believe that anyone can have a great video. It just takes know how and great ideas put into action. We can help you film, edit, color grade, script write or add VFX to your video production project. Not to mention we can produce stunning motion graphics to be used over and over on your YouTube channel.
Graphic Design
Making you look good on paper is literally our job. While much of what we do is digital, there is always a need for business cards, flyers and other informational design elements that you can physically hand another human being. Great graphic design can help you sell a product, deliver a message or change the perception of your brand. With great design comes the ability to accomplish your goals.
Branding Development and Social Media
Your branding is more than a logo. It’s the identity of you and your product. It should be represented across all of your social media platforms as a unified front telling the world your story. When you think of great branding you think of Starbucks, Nike and The Avengers. At Press Play we want to help you build a brand that lasts and accurately represents you.

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