Free Vector Set 1


Free Vector Set 1

We wanted to do something a little different this week on the blog. Thank you to everyone who has been using the site since we launched about a month ago. It has been overwhelming how many of you started tweeting at us, sending us messages for estimates and brands to connect with youtubers. As a thank you we would like to give you a little something. It won’t cost you anything but we do ask you to pay with a tweet or a FB post. That’s it! These are royalty free vectors that you can use on both on personal and commercial projects alike.


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Download contains:

  • PDF file
  • AI file
  • EPS file

Article Written by Eugene Capon, Art Director Press Play | CaponDesignTV and ComicShopTV

  1. pressplayconsulting

    Are you talking about on websites? or youtube videos.

  2. how do u put u’re own pics for the background? also how do u put music?.

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