How to make a viral video

The Holy Grail of YouTube marketing is making a viral video but just like the real Holy Grail, the formula to make a viral video is just a myth. Sorry about the misleading title, it needs to be understood you have a better chance of winning the local lottery than making a viral video. Never the less, here are 4 rules to make your videos actually get hits.

Topical or Mash-ups
Is there something that everyone is talking about right now? Then jump on the band wagon and make some relatable content! Is Super Mario still popular? Is there a song that just got released by a famous singer with millions of views already? Then make a super Mario parody of that song.

This is Cinemsauras’s Adventure Time: The movie. It has everything needed to become a highly watchable video and it did, 2.4 million times! It was a combination of the hollywood gritty reboot and the popular kids show adventure time.

Going back to number one, topical content isn’t relatable if too much time has passed. The longer you wait to jump onto a trend the less likely anyone will want to watch your video. You can actually prepare for this in many cases by checking for when something potentially big is going to be released and have time set aside in preparation to create content. The best topical videos are often released within 3 days after said big topic.

Good Content
I feel like this shouldn’t have to be said but it does. There are so many youtubers who released terrible videos then complain about why no one is watching their stuff even if they have a relatable name and a good thumbnail. You shouldn’t have to trick people into watch your videos then pray they will stay. Your content should actually be watchable. If it isn’t you probably shouldn’t do number 4. If you want to get better then practice your craft. Make a lot of YouTube videos. Not everyone is going to be a winner and that’s okay as long as you are improving.

Again sounds like a no-brainer but trust me, it needs to be said. A 3 full hours of promoting and strategy should be accompanied with EVERY video you might consider viral worthy. Rather than uploading a video and hoping for the best you should be putting it everywhere. Is it on all the social media sites? Is it submitted to various blogs and publications relatable to your content? No? Better get on that. You can only count on your audience for so much and building a loyal viewership takes time. If the above rules are executed correctly they will help you get views even when you don’t have an audience to draw views from.

4 rules chart
Article Written by Eugene Capon, Art Director Press Play | CaponDesignTV and ComicShopTV

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